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A Birthday Quilt Gift, traditional blocks surrounding landscape center
An art  quilt of this type
would be a meaningful
gift for
Bar Mitzvahs
Bat Mitzvahs
Each stitch is carefully,
lovingly put into your
quilt.  Consequently,
these quilts may take
quite a while to

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Heart to Heart
Celebration Quilts
Original Design
This quilt for a wonderful daughter-in-law was made to celebrate her
birthday.  The colors selected for the quilt highlight hues of her favorite,

Each block has some symbolism pertaining to her life.  Starting with the
paint brush in the top left corner and progressing clock-wise:  Paint
brushes symbolize her talent and her life’s work.  The next block is called
“Arrowroot” and symbolizes her interest and competency in natural
healing ways.  The heart symbolizes her marriage and is embroidered
with her wedding date.  The angel represents her guardian from God.  
The next two, symbolize her Indian heritage, “Indian Corn” and
“Feathers”.  The church symbolizes her great faith.  After the next
paintbrush is a “Friendship Star” symbolizing her ability and willingness
to befriend all.  Next is the “Prosperity” block, in hopes that she will enjoy
prosperity in all areas of her life.  The next block is “Rolling Pin”
emphasizing her great talents in the kitchen.  The “Family Tree” block
symbolizes her wonderful family.  Above that is “Mother’s Dream”, made
in the birthstone colors for her two children.  The “Nosegay”block
emphasizes her talents in the garden.  

The center landscape shows her swinging in her white wooden swing
and enjoying the peace and joy that is hoped for her.  It appears that the
paintbrushes have just finished painting flourishes of multiple colors
around this center landscape.

This unique and very personal quilt will be a family heirloom to enjoy for
years to come.  It measures about 60" x 70" and features embroidery,
machine appliqué and precision piecing.  It is machine quilted on cotton

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